Cheyne Walls
1982    Born in Southern California, 6 months later his parents took him
           on his first camping trip to the Eastern Sierras.

1996    Cheyne started helping out at his father’s photography & film
           processing company.

1999    At Dana Hills High School, Cheyne excelled in sports and was
           on track to play baseball at the college level.  However,  a sports
           injury ended his time on the field, but brought his passion for
           photography to the forefront.      

2001    Graduating Highschool with honors in art, Cheyne was accepted
            to Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, CA

2005    An internship in school led to a position as Editorial Photographer
           at the leading automotive magazine Motor Trend following
           graduation from Brooks.

2006    Cheyne signed on as camera assistant with a top automotive
            photographer,  Vic Huber.

2009    Packing his bags, Cheyne left Los Angeles, CA to travel throughout
           Europe, creating his first collection, Backpacking Through Europe.

2010    The first time Cheyne exhibits his landscape photography,
           galleries in New York City and Miami.

2011    Cheyne opens a gallery and print studio in Laguna Beach, CA

2012    Honored as one of the youngest artists to ever display his work
           at the world-renowned art show Festival of Arts/Pageant of the
           Masters in Laguna Beach, CA.

2013    Reaches his goal of traveling to all 50 States.

2014    Reader Voted “4th of July” Photograph of the Year – Stu News
           Laguna Beach.

           “Iconic” receives High Honors at the Epson International Pano
           Awards & Int’l Photography Awards.

2015    “Elysium” receives a Gold Medal at the Epson International Pano

           Cheyne Walls voted “The Best New Artist” by exhibiting Artists
           at the Art-A-Fair Fine Art Festival in Laguna Beach.

2016   Cheyne Walls is honored as a Gold Medalist,  PPA | Professional
           Photographers of America,  International Photography Competition.

           Cheyne unveils his first book “Miles from Los Angeles” and it is
           awarded as one of the best new photography books by the
           International Photography Awards

           “Unforgiving” is inducted into the permanent collection of the
            Wildling Art & Nature Museum. It now hangs next to original
           works from Ansel Adams.

2017    “Yosemite Valley” receives First Place at the MML International
             Memorial Maria Luisa Photography Awards : Category
             Mountain Landscapes, one of the highest honors in the photo industry

             Solo Exhibit at the G2 Gallery in Los Angeles, CA

Future  Cheyne is on track to be named a Master Photographer by
            PPA | Professional Photographers of America in 2018, he will be
            one of the youngest ever to receive this honor.